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Updated: Mar 26, 2019


3 Rounds:

-20 sec Dead Hang Hold

-Samson Lunge to other rig

-Duck Walk back

-20 sec Spinal Stretch

Strength and Skill:

EMOM 12:

-8 Bulgarian Split Squats (total)

*NO WEIGHT; knee to ab-mat

-8 Reverse Crunches

-8 Sphinx Pushups

-8 Singles & 8 Dubs

*Give triples a try if you're feeling froggy!!



-400 m run

-8 Burpee Box Step-Overs

-8 Hand Release Pushups

-15 Singles & 15 Dubs (30 Singles)

*****From the CrossFit Weld coaching staff and ownership, we want to thank all our members and families for being a part of our inaugural CrossFit Open "Friday Night Lights" season. We saw Open veterans and rookies alike come TOGETHER and grow STRONGER in these five grueling tests of physical and mental strength and conditioning.

The greatest moments of this season were all the "firsts" that our competitors achieved. Congratulations to you all for rising to the challenges put in front of you and succeeding!! Our members are the driving force in what makes our affiliate such a wonderful, welcoming COMMUNITY.

Our growth since the doors opened Memorial Day weekend has been truly remarkable. We look forward to many more CrossFit Opens with you all! It is so great to see how our COMMUNITY is growing STRONGER, TOGETHER*****

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